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A true, Carribean-wide solution to sargassum infestations will require a global commitment to slowing the effects of climate change and reducing fertilizer run-off from the Amazon Basin -- two efforts we hope all our neighbors are supporting on an individual basis.  Here on Half Moon Bay, however, we cannot stop the sargassum from floating our way; we can only try to mitigate its impact in our local waters, on our local beaches and on our reputation as a pristine Caribbean paradise.

The HMB Sargasso Project aims to establish Akumal Norte as an environmentally safe  “Sargassum Free Zone” and enhance its appeal as an eco-friendly destination.  To this end, the HMB Sargassum Project researched four (4) sargassum mitigation techniques that can be implemented today and has ranked them as follows:

1 - Anchored Sargassum Barrier - OUR RECOMMENDED SOLUTION (based on 500+ hours of research)

2 - Manual Removal & Spraying

3 - Mechanical Removal

4 - Boats or Mexican Navy

We also researched a number of promising, sustainable solutions currently under development.  None of these technologies are ready for implementation now but here's a link you may use to learn about some of the technologies we are following.  We hope that, within 5 years, our local sargassum mitigation efforts will include providing the raw material for the production of the building materials, fertilizers and cosmetics described here:

Commercial Uses / Sustainable Solutions

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