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Support the Half Moon Bay Sargassum Project!

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The Good News:   We have already raised the full amount required to install a commercial grade sargassum barrier outside the reef in Half Moon Bay!  But we still aim to raise another $80,000 in "Sustainable Financing" to provide Environmental Protection and to cover other unplanned contingencies.  We're confident a sargassum barrier will protect local marine life from the horrific impact of sargassum infestations.  But we're also aware that barrier infrastructure might have other unintended environmental impacts.  So we seek additional funds to monitor that the barrier: 

  • DOES perform as promised to mitigate the environmental damage caused by sargassum infestations and….

  • DOES NOT cause any ancillary environmental harm, such as:

    • Impeding the safe egress of turtle hatchlings to the open waters beyond the barrier

    • Causing excess accumulations of sargassum along the rocky headlands outside the barrier.

100 % of the tax-deductible contributions received in 2023 will go toward the "Sustainable Financing" we need for environmental monitoring and mitigation and other unplanned contingenies!!  


If you've already completed the DONATION FORM, click here to jump directly to the payment page.







Contributions received by the close of 2022 more than covered the cost of manufacturing, shipping and installing the barrier. So a decision was made to proceed with all tbarrier contracts while continuing to raise funds for environmental monitoring in 2023.  

Operating expenses will be invoiced separately to property owners in the HIZ​, an expense projected to be SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than the current cost of manual beach removal.  In other words, the tax deductible contributions made via this website WILL NOT be used for maintenance expenses.

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