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Support the Half Moon Bay Sargassum Project!

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The Good News:  Phase 1 of barrier installation is now complete and paid in full from existing reserves.

Our Ongoing Goals:  As we enter the Operations Phase of the project, we seek in-kind donations of office equipment and golf carts, etc as detailed here.


We also still aim to raise another $80,000 for 3rd party environmental monitoring as well as the remedial measures that will be required if unintended environmental impacts are discovered.  For example, in June 2023 the independent environmental group, Centro Ecologico de Akumal (CEA) identified an alarming drop in turtle nesting activity on the HMB beach front and is now engaged in studying all four of the recent changes

to our local environment that might be contributing to this change:

  1. Major new construction along the northern beaches where most nesting took place last year

  2. An earlier start to the sargassum season than ever before PLUS more sargassum buildup, including on northern beaches

  3. A significant reduction in beach cleaning activity

  4. The installation of a sargassum barrier outside the reef in Half Moon Bay

100 % of the tax-deductible contributions received in June 2023 will be invested in monitoring & mitigating the recent changes in turtle nesting activity so please click this link to donate online

or complete this form to donate via wire transfer and save us the credit card processing fees:

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