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Impact on Property Owners

Impact on Property Owners

Removing, spraying and disposing of the sargassum that accumulates on the beach is a Sysphean task that can cost up to $$$/month per 10 feet of shoreline. Beach removal activity also contributes to sand loss and significant beach erosion in front of impacted beach front properties which can have negative long term impacts on property values.

Hydrogen sulfide tarnishes metals (bathroom fittings, door knobs, etc.) and damages sensitive electronic appliances (TVs, computers, air-conditioning units) -- to the point that some insurance companies are now upping their rates to cover losses caused by the noxious hydrogen sulphide fumes emitted by sargassum.

Home owners who rent their property suffer significant losses from relocations and cancellations. Tenants who arrive when the sargassum is thick often request relocation to an alternative rental unit and avoid beachside restaurants and bars. Pending bookings get cancelled. In 2021, Akumal Direct had to relocate over ## bookings because of complaints about sargassum and 2022 looks like it’s going to be even worse.

The real estate market along the Riviera Maya continues to be hot. But what will happen to Akumal Norte if we fail to get the sargassum under control while other nearby corporate communities take action? Most buyers today are looking for investment property they can rent. If recurring sargassum infestations mean that renting will not be an option for up to 6 months a year, relative property values are likely to decline.

As word gets out about the sargassum on HMB and fewer visitors grace our shores, local businesses will also be impacted. North Akumal would not be the same place without small businesses like La Lunita and La Buena Vida, not to mention easy access to Tequilaville and Turtle Bay Cafe. But after a year of CoVid can these businesses keep their doors open if tourism starts to decline again?

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