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Support the Half Moon Bay Sargassum Project!

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​The tax-deductible donation you make here will ensure clear waters & clean beaches all along Half Moon Bay beginning in the summer of 2023.  All donations made via this website get deposited with the non-profit Yucatan Environmental Fund (YEF) and will be held in escrow until :

- the entire fundraising goal has been met and funds can be transferred to EPA
for contracting....OR....

- in the UNLIKELY event that we do not meet our fundraising goal, YEF provides a guaranteed refund to ALL DONORS.

To make a donation, select the category that best describes you and click on the DONATE button: 


       🔲  I own property in North Akumal and ALREADY PLEDGED support for a sargassum barrier

       🔲  I own property in North Akumal but HAVEN'T YET PLEDGED

       🔲  I DO NOT own property in North Akumal but want to help protect

             the beaches and marine life of Half Moon Bay

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! 
We count on and appreciate the support of people like YOU!!  ​

NOTE 1: The HMB Sargassum Project aims to raise 70% of the required funding from property owners in the "High Impact Zone” (HIZ) along the southern and central beachfront.  We aim to raise the remaining 30% from friends & neighbors who love our unique community and want to help us protect our local marine life and pristine beaches.​ 

NOTE 2: Funds raised on this website WILL NOT be applied to the cost of barrier maintenance.

Operational expenses will be invoiced separately to property owners in the HIZ​

as an alternative to the manual beach removal services they already pay for.

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