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OKEANIS Barriers

Renowned barrier manufacturer, Okeanis, 321

+ offers a variety of

floating barriers.  They have completed a design to 

our specs and estimate that it will take at least

2 months from the date we place an order to

complete the manufacturing process at their factory

in Bulgaria.  Shipping the barrier to Cancun is

expected to take another 2 months.  And getting

the barrier through customs may also be a time-

consuming process.  To allow for unexpected delays

along the way, we think it's important to place the

order at least 6 months before the desired 

installation date.

Okeanis Website


OKEANIS Okean-Net, 1.3m to 1.8m


OKEANIS Okean-Net, 3m to 5m



Rough Seas 1

Rough Seas 2

HMBOkeanisBarrier1C-Hatchling Egress.png
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