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There are many pressing problems that confront North Akumal. We ask you to prioritize sargassum mitigation with a financial contribution because:


  1. Failure to address the problem NOW may have a lasting and irreversible impact on our coral reef and nesting turtles.


  1.  Sargassum mitigation not only protects the environment but also protects local tourism and we need revenue from tourism to fund solutions to the many other issues confronting our community.


If you have already pledged your support for this project, please use this link to convert your pledge to a tax-deductible donation…..and thank you again for your support!:

If you have not yet pledged, please use the relevant link below to contribute to the cause:


HIZ Stakeholders
Donate or pledge here if you own a business or property in the High Impact Zone along the central and southern end of Half Moon Bay and are already engaged in sargassum mitigation efforts


Other Stakeholders

Donate or pledge here if you are not directly impacted by sargassum but still recognize the importance of protecting our local environment and keeping local tourism healthy AND sustainable.

Pledger Donate Form
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